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Classic Japanese Auto at Car Dealers Japan

To buy a used car from one of the traders listed below you just have to type in or copy and paste the address the site of your choice in your browser. Following are some car companies sites where you can buy the auto of your choice. Today’s Japanese car list include Toyota, Honda and Suzuki.


This is the number one car brand in Japan. In the three quarters of the year 2014 it sold 1, 180, 749 cars. This was a 0.6% increase in the sales from the previous years. Toyota vehicles have won the heart of many road users across the world. Check out jap car, jd auto sales, jan japan motors or jap auto, best japanese cars.


Honda came in second with total sales of 682, 428 cars in the year 2014. This was a 24.6% increase in sales from the previous year. Honda vehicles are known for quality and also durability. The latest brands have been designed and manufactured to meet the market demands, therefore they include the latest technology.


Third place was Suzuki with a total of 587, 042 cars sold in the year 2014. They had a 9.8% increase in sales from the previous year.


Japanese Car Companies

Find below traders of new Japanese cars or old Japanese cars right or left hand drive. Copy and paste a link in your browser to start shopping.


Japanese Vehicles

Another dealer you may want to check out is bforward.com. Although buying a car is a dream come true to many, buying a used car can have its equal share of blessing and problems. Buying from the right dealer is important. Above you will find sites of some car sellers where you can purchase used cars. However, you can detect some problems before making the actual purchase of the car. You should check the car history and engine performance, etc. before buying to make sure you get the best japanese cars.

We do not actually sell cars and we are not responsible for any of the cars or vehicles that the listed car traders on this page sell. We just listed the different website of sellers here so as help you find the car of your choice easily.

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