What to Look for in a Used Car

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What to look for when buying a used car

Although buying a car is a dream come true to many, buying a second hand car can have its equal share of blessing and problems. However, some problems can be detected before making the actual purchase of the car. Here is a short list of the must-do things before buying a second hand car:

Check the car history

Well, it is important to note that many financial lending institutions give loans upon presentation of title deeds or logbooks. Such records help reveal the facts about the car. In addition to that, the records may help determine the number of owners. In short, you do not want any liabilities such as banks loans being passed on to you!

Engine performance

The engine is the heart of your car. Secondly, it is the most vital and most expensive part to repair, so checking the engine performance is a must. This is to be followed by inspecting the car body. Pay keen interest on any broken handles, uneven paint, broken bumpers or missing lights.

Tests drive the car before making the payment. After you are fully satisfied with the car, close the transaction with paperwork. Insist on original documents, otherwise you will just be a driver and not the real owner of the car. Such documents include: Logbook, Service history, and Registration documents.

Lastly, ensure you write the official name of the seller when making payments-never use nicknames or initials-incase of anything it is easy to track down the seller.

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